Tirik Reaper Diveer


11 Str 16Dex 12Con 10Int 12Wiz 14Cha
Standing tall at 6,2 Tirik is a rather handsome devil, Well besides the the spike hair, Pointed teeth, 6 fingers on one hand and missing the other. Then there is the fact he doesn’t cast a shadow, Has wings, Purple skin, and a tail. if you can look past that he’s a good person at least by under dark standards. He normally wears a long black jacket and a purple bandana around his neck

Odd Dreams
Almost every night since he came to the overworked he has been having odd dreams, The most common of these starts with a sound like steel scraping across stone, A hiss like a snake, And two large black glowing eyes.

Ominous Dream
Once a week Tirik has a horrible dream of a medusa under the name Marlos Urnrayle. His dream also reveals to him a hidden vault deep in the earth, There lies a great gem with pure magic gleaming from its many faces. Tirik keeps these dreams a secret but keeps his eyes and ears open for any information on Marlos Urnrayle

Strange Map
One of the many treasures found during his time with the dungeon delving company was a old map revealing the location of a ancient dwarf stronghold beneath the Sumber Hills. The only information he could get on it was a terrified look from Tourn.

Copper: 0
Silver: 0
Gold: 0

Thieves Tools, 2 Armblades, 1 Dagger, Scarab mask, Travelers clothes, Backpack, Bedroll, Mess Kit, Tinderbox, 9 Torches, 5 days of rations, Waterskin, 50 feet of hempen rope

  • Tirik grew up as a noble in a drow city as a part of the Divear family. He had a fondness for small creatures and would often take them as pets sadly very few of his pets would live more than a week. His devilish instincts would some times take rule over him turning him into a machine of pure death. His siblings gave him the nickname “Reaper” and eventually he isolated himself to shelter away his cruel instincts. Instead of being around his siblings he would instead hide himself in the library and study he was always vastly interesting in maps of the under dark and would start making maps of anywhere he went. He soon developed a dream of exploring and creating a huge map of the under dark. He knew that to survive in the under dark you would need weapons so he had a blacksmith make him two finlike blades mounted on his arms. He also started studying magic and became a warlock for the goddess Lolth.
  • One day he got a notice from one of his brothers requesting help with some of his tasks, Wishing to be of usefulness he quickly arrived at his brothers aid. His brother was training to become a wizard and his master had given him a list of ingredients and such to get. Tirik was to help in anyway he could what he didn’t realize was that to get some of these ingredients some terrible deeds had to be done. Eventually following this list led them to a drow priestess. He asked her if she had any books she could trade him, realizing he didn’t have anything to trade the drow priestess asked him which hand he used to make his maps as he replied the arm of a giant lion sprung from the priestess and ripped of part of his right arm. He soon passed out from the pain while unconscious his brother took the pin that signified Tirik as a noble and sold him off as a slave.
  • Passing from slave trader to slave trader he was eventually sold off to a dungeon delving company that would send their slaves deep into the under dark to clear and retrieve the treasures from it. Slaves had to wear Metal bands around their arms and legs if they tried to escape they would heat up and burn those wearing them. Delving parties had 5 people, 1 person was the Sturdy who is supposed to distract/Tank monsters, 2 people were strikers that are meant to kill any monsters, The lowest tier were the 2 sweepers they were supposed to scout/set off any traps they found. Most sweepers died quickly for obvious reasons. Tirik was assigned to the spiral cross as a striker and survived for 6 years. In this time he found use in his name Reaper it is most likely what kept him alive. The rule of the Delving company is that if you find a magic item on your expedition you can keep it for the time you work there but you are not allowed to have more than 1 magic item at a time
  • Tirik’s squad was called the spiral cross and it was known for having cheated death on many occasions it contained 3 members other than him, The sturdy GraveDigger was a large half-orc without a tongue. He gained this name from a time when he saved the entire squad by taking on a hoard of undead alone with only a shovel, The second striker was a Half-Drow named Avia she wielded some amazing magic but was prone to random magical outbursts and thus was kicked out of most squads she found her place in the mismatched spiral cross as a magical sniper of sorts, the last member was the human sweeper Tourn he was missing his left arm and had a grappling hook there instead he survived by shooting the grappling hook and pulling himself out of traps seconds before they would go off.

Tirik Reaper Diveer

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