Simonius Beliarz The Green King


Creator of the Amar Folius Simon Beliarz is the ruler of the Eternal Forest. Located in between the Elemental Planes of Water and Earth he is also know as the creator of the Amar Folius who are a race of undead created through Simons experiments


. Simon is a wizard from NeverWinter trained by his late father, he harnesses the power of the elements and special dream magic to contain his foes. He specializes in mass combat and falls a short vs elite warriors. He learned his dream magic from scrolls and notes in the CandleLight Keep and prefers it to the simple slaughter of his enemies.

As much as he would love to return to NeverWinter and leave the cults to fight amongst themselves it is the Beliarz mission to keep the elemental cults under the control, And if he retired the job would fall onto his younger sister who is unprepared and unknowing of this mission. Because this fact he refuses to let chaos reign and will sometimes go days without sleep researching and watching for the cults next move.

Day 21 of Leaf Fall haiku of the day
Waiting in line sucks
And no one will lend a hand
I shed a lone Tyr

Simonius Beliarz The Green King

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