Age 37
12 Str
10 Dex, Acrobatics,
14 Con
12 Int, History, Nature,
14 Wis, Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception,
16 Cha Deception, Performance, Persuasion
Disguise kit,

Musical Instruments
Accordion, Long horn, Yarting, Thelarr,

Languages, Elvish, Chondothan,


Luna was born in the High Forest but was raised on a merchant ship called the Polar Whale which was owned by her father. As a child she never learned much about her mother the only information she could get was that she was a Moon Elf from the high forest she soon gave up in her investigation. While the Polar Whale was docked one night her father took her ashore to a nearby Inn upon entering she heard music sounding like nothing known to her before a group of musicians on the stage led by a yarting player. Even after leaving the inn the next day her fascination with the instrument didn’t cease and she soon after convinced her father to buy her one. After that she spent every minute she could trying to learn the


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